Artifacts’ is a well-known design boutique store. The original meaning of ‘Artifacts’ is precious and worth collecting handicrafts. The company distributes many brands of fashion goods and clothes. The store in Songyan has problem of seventeen meters of long-shaped space with two separated display areas. We propose to reassemble two separated areas into one by using flooring materials and aim to blur the existing passageway boundary between these two areas.

Our design aim to follow the brand spirit of Artifacts and combine the concept of cultural and creative marketplace. We simplify the functions of three-dimensional aspect by pulling the lattice space massing. So that every handmade artwork can obtain its unique displayed space. As for the design of traffic flow, the display props were presented progressively from lower one to higher one, which directs people to enter this passageway and make people feel more comfortable to enter this space. The middle eye-level display props will be using transparent material as the divider for the virtual space. By converting checkerboard route from horizontal to vertical dimension, the lighting design in the space acts as an assistance for defining the space. We design corresponding lines to separate multi-directional space to lead the ‘Zhi’ word to forming traffic flow; and therefore we can eliminate the drawbacks of this long axial space.

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