Devieta is a self-owned brand from the East. The original implication is life and composed by ‘De Vie’ from French and ‘Vita’ from Italian. The logo is designed by Laboratory Design Team from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in the UK. The baseline of logo is a ninety-degree dotted line slowly rotates with multiple of thirty degrees. The linear overlapping logo constructs the corporate brand image.

As the first flagship store, the symbol created by brand spirit becomes visual language for clients to read and root deeply in their impression. With the brand’s constructed frame, it develops the displayed style in the exhibition space. Using the distance between walls and counters along with indirect optical band methods, it creates a monologue space for corporate color. By inserting essences of metal and transparent glass in displayed counter area, it creates the purity of Devieta’s fundamental linear language. Therefore it becomes the visual focus of the space and the common comprehensible language.

We develop functions of X-axis and Y-axis by using the brand’s ninety-degree baseline. Moreover, we develop another line by using Z-axis with its brand image, in order to expand deliverables of visual language from the brand spirit, allowing the complete brand image to fulfill in the space. Therefore, the passing guests can profoundly root the symbol of Devieta.

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