‘Artifacts’ is a well-known design boutique store. The original meaning of ‘Artifacts’ is precious and worth collecting handicrafts. The company distributes many brands of fashion goods and clothes.

We extend the definition of ‘Artifacts’ as handicrafts that are handmade and original artwork. We utilize multiple materials in order to achieve the handmade criteria and present the materials’ originality. We use the concept of museum collections, which all the artwork should be protected by displayed counter and transparent frame, in order to present the best of it. Therefore, it is just like every product in Artifacts that is carefully displayed with protected frame. At the entrance, we design a large display props in order to level up the visual point just like the displayed stands in the museum.

Handmade products usually contain multiple elements and essences, like the choices of materials, the personal reflection, the emotional expression, the nature of handmade, and the environmental influences, etc. These elements are regarded as multiple expressions of materials, and we transform them into the space of Artifacts. We use different materials to interweave, create contrast, and apply into this space. For example, we made contrast between natural rustic burning surface and the bright surface material that based on the industrial accurate line. We present a combination of multiple aspects of handicrafts and the harmony essence of reproduction materials. The contrast of glass transparency and the purity of products creates visual focus and embodies the aesthetic harmony within the virtual frame.

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