The contemporary artists often apply the new ideology into the daily essentials by borrowing history memories and emotion projections onto those objects and reinterpret the meaning of castoffs.

Castoffs, a concept of ordinary yet an established fact that reinterpret The link between old/new, waste/preciousness and emotion/memories. By using the recycled castoffs as a media to recall people’s sensation for daily life and the chance to perceive the purest aesthetic value.

The plumbing pipes on the ceiling are often disguised, in this case, however, we decided to preserve it and applying it with new coatings which impact our existing definition towards aesthetic value.

The designer aims to reinterpret the ordinary castoffs; the angle steel was less appreciated until giving it a special position in the space that also reshapes people’s sensation towards existing objects in daily life.

The materials that applied in this case were all reinterpreted and baptized by the traces of time, sun and rain. As time goes by, a space full of castoffs is telling another story after well-thought planning and restructuring.

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