Clothing design gives consideration to the shape and skin of the human body, and uses materials with organic compounds. Therefore, we set one of nature’s life forms – “Tree” as this project’s theme. Wanhua Fashion Culture Museum will transform into the most important tree in Wanhua, and cultivate international fashion design talents in Taiwan.

The design concept of the space was to use an organic form to symbolize diverse development and creative energy of fashion design. When you enter the reception space on the first floor, it is like entering into a tree; the spatial concept is based on the structure of a tree, and spatial functions are created using growth rings. For the vertical image, the concept of “vascular bundle” of plants is applied; vascular bundles transfer nutrients and energy. Thus, we define vascular bundles as lights, emitting the energy of light into the space.

The studio on the second floor starts out as a hive in the tree, indicating that its fashion designs must be careful and thorough like a bee hive. We built a glass hive in the space of the large tree, where crystal seeds are nurtured – rising stars of fashion design. This is the starting point where designers find the most suitable angle and elements of the culture museum, and let them penetrate the space, so that the creativity and influence of the fashion culture museum naturally flows within the space.

The third floor is a multifunctional activity space designed using the streets of Wanhua District as a blueprint, turning streets into tracks on the ceiling. The design is based on the concept of multifunctional and flexible utilization, and allows space to serve diverse audiovisual and exhibition functions, turing it into a performance stage with maximum effectiveness.

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