The design of the space is based on the philosophy of Idea Breeding Ground; hence, it results in the office style different from the past by the concept of “breeding”. It aims to allow every member in the space to think and relax in this idea ground, and interact and have dialogue with each other. Thus, ideas can be generated, separated, and combined, and grow in the free space which in the end will release a unique designing energy.

The front courtyard of the building is enclosed by cherry blossoms and camphor trees to create a space with a tranquil characteristic. After passing through the stairs and entering the building, you can find four timbers placed in the hallway as the screen to separate the space between the stairs to the second floor and the entrance. They are also the visual focus of the hall. The high-ceilinged hall is enclosed by white walls, red bricks, and glass, of which, all are extended to the second floor and combined with the landscape in the front and back courtyards.
It is the extension of vision to the horizontal and vertical extremes. Fresh water formwork floor responds to the humbleness of red bricks and the mildness of wood, and reinforces the sense of touch. The folded stairs beside the hall direct the vertical indoor flow. Stairs with different numbers separate and connect the unit spaces such as studios, conference rooms, and study. Attributes of unit spaces are defined by sliding doors; according to the different timings of usage, there will be different indoor expressions. It not only creates more usage possibilities of the space, but also elicits more diverse inspiration.

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