Space Plus

This project is a compact space with crowded living enironment high desity by population in Taipei City. The client are a young couple. While designing the space allocation,we utilize the concept of “Space plus”to maximize the space and
meet the client’s needs toward this project.

The entrance of the house and other rooms are connected vertically, thus by using this nature of space, we implement the bar function at the intersection. Also we use this node as an axle center and define the progressive space from public to private. Using the ‘single element’ to reassemble ‘multiple’ concept. We design the overlapping space of living room and bar counter to develop a complete dinning dimension and reassemble living room and study room for a bigger space of living room.

Therefore the study room and living room are developed by function and create a better definition of space.

From the visual aspect of space, we enter with a long shaped entrance. The vision is carried out from narrow and small to wide and extensive. On the other hand, the vision converts from wide horizontal dimension to vertical scale if guests pass from living room to the entrance. Allowing people to having a completely fresh experience of space.

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