The ingenuity and magic of the design is able to transform any element into the new life of space. The annoying pillar, which had in the past been blocking the route lines, is now integrated into the idea of structural extension and circulation in which the Chinese character “回” (pronounced “hui”, which consists of a square inside a square) brings into the design. This not only enhance the functionality of storage space but also creating a four-way extension of the visual sense, as if the openness of the space had been magnified. This helps to reduce pressure as well as to relieve the tenseness of life.

The design itself strikes a balance between practicality and aesthetics. Through the harmonious blend of the material with the color, a long “cord” had been created by the tensile force of the visual extension, which strung out every minutes of everyday life. In this way, new found warmth has been created for the home; this warmth can be close to the heart and in the same time cluster around in the spaces of the home, accentuating the family-oriented atmosphere. Furthermore, the use of active route lines in the semi-open space also helped to replace the coldness of the wall. Without a barrier in place, the heart of the family is closer than ever.

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