Situated on a sky-breaking high floor, this project offers a panoramic view of the city skyline, providing a million-dollar cityscape whether it's day or night. The atmosphere constantly evolves, allowing the homeowners to feel as if they are in a metropolitan city in the Western world, experiencing its charm.

The male and female homeowners, along with their child, each have a preference for light and dark color schemes. The designer decides to create a contrast between light and dark tones, using a perfect blend of hues and materials to present a seamlessly integrated color scheme. Shifting between grayscale tones to meet the preferences of the homeowners, warm-toned furniture and curved sofas are incorporated to add warmth to the space, combining modern straight-line design with a softer and more inviting living environment.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outdoor cityscape into the interior. Rich textured materials such as special paints, iron elements, marble, and titanium plating project reflections, allowing natural light and shadows to freely and casually move within the living space. This creates an atmosphere of carefree freedom and romantic modernity, enabling the homeowners to comfortably embark on their daily lives.

The layout and planning of the public areas emphasize the suspension storage cabinet between the living room and dining area, acting as a division for circulation. This not only softens the visual impact of the existing beam in the overhead public area but also naturally creates a meandering walking path. Below the storage cabinet, a water fireplace, illuminated by lights and mist, generates captivating reflections, seamlessly connecting the living room and dining area to present a visually expansive and immersive space.

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