House owner—an open mind artist who always express herself into art piece!
A brand new vision of HOME, is going to be represented as a Art Museum, concentrate on the relationship between the gallery, wall, and art frame -----the conceptual inspiration of “suspension”, “floating” and “hanging”… the original thought of Art which can be merged and transformed into the space!! In this work, designer treats the white skin (original space) as the main area of the Art Museum, everything hanging on it became the artwork…including the wall, the frame and the interior idea. He transferred the space into three main blocks: the floating wall from the living room folding though the study space, turn into 90 degree converting to the shelf. The grey wall became a shelter extending across the ceiling, space has been dismembered into those blocks, each block interacted with each others. If you look at these blocks, they are mainly made in one piece, like sculpture. Space passes right through them.

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