There’s a sense of beauty was unrefined and often ignored that experienced the imprint of age, heat of sunlight and the dripping of rain. As time goes by, a primary aesthetic scenery was unrevealed and created by the carving of nature, simple, yet ignored.

By applying the same perspective to this space site, the texture of architecture concrete slate was represented directly by showing the original craftsmanship. The construction marks on the wall were preserved and then became a trace of history that brings out rich
layers of light gradients by the variation of seasons.

From the exterior to the interior space, we applied the minimum of walls to maintain the circulation of air and try to maximize space capacious
that corresponded to the exterior. As for our approach to the interior space planning, instead of applying the stereotype of being framed by the walls, we chose to follow the original site frame and forming a traffic flow that showcasing a life style that brings human being and nature even closer. Therefore, our design goal in this case was achieved by returning to the simplest and purest beauty.

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