Spatial interfaces were redefined to create a flexible layout; “changeable” is the theme of design. The living room, study and kitchen are all separated by walls that can be moved, the TV cabinet can be rotated to face the study or kitchen, a blue screen that creates a virtual interface and expresses the relationship between spatial boundaries, achieving smooth line of motion and view. In addition, there is a hidden sliding door that can turn the virtual boundary into solid boundary.

The color tone of the space uses white as a base, and utilizes materials, colors and division to turn colors into a visual image. The open kitchen creates a rich visual experience with its purple and blue shade, and the lights set off the bold arrangement of space and colors.

When you enter the master bedroom, the color of the wooden skin creates a natural shade, and sets off the rich layers of materials when put in contrast with the simple arrangement of white marble that is low keyed and warm. Follow the steps inside the master bathroom to the raised showering room, and shift your view to the vertical axis, where you will be able to feel the energy and smooth flow of the space.

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