To better the physical quality of the interior, the designer cut the central position into a voided well that receives natural light from above. Another tactic of the spatial layout comes how he treated the interior as another phrase of the cityscape which is mingled with both solid building boxes and voided street or greenery. This dialogue between the solid and void maintains a great spatial rhythm of the apartment. To better link the spatial sequence the designer placed a wood panel along the space from the lower to upper level which ends in a Japanese room. This visual guidance system precisely offers a solution to dangling views and a fragmentary internal landscape. ?

Designer Sen has stated how the dynamic vision in this apartment would only be achieved by opening up a sealed apartment into free spatial imagination. He said that the use of spatial relationships between solid and void is like a human skeleton. Its beauty resides in both the proportion and the structural integrity. The analogy perfectly fits into the design. When the spatial layout finds its best position, the design takes shape.

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