The distinct advantage of this project lies in its proximity to the waterfront greenery, offering the homeowners a dual visual delight of both mountain and river views. The architectural allure is characterized by graceful curves, seamlessly blending the beauty of curves into the interior design. In the open-plan public areas, a curved feature wall echoes the architectural curves, creating a harmonious living scene in synergy with the straight-line layout of the open living room. Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows effortlessly transition the exquisite outdoor scenery into the interior, enhancing the sense of spaciousness and extension. The meandering circulation plan in public and private areas maximizes visual aesthetics within the framework, accentuating a floating design concept.

To complement the natural geographical setting, the designer carefully selected various materials, including special paints, long-rainbow glass, metal, and wood textures, to create a luxurious yet elegant ambiance. The interplay of natural and artificial light, utilizing borrowed light and scenic views, results in a unique interplay of rhythm and aesthetics. The use of metal materials, inspired by the night lights of the mountains and city neon scenes, aims to create a romantic atmosphere distinct from daytime. Special paints mimic the rippling visual of river waves, adding a touch of free-spirited ambiance inspired by the natural movement of water.

The design of the master bedroom draws inspiration from Japanese culture, incorporating wooden lattice arrangements to create a serene and harmonious atmosphere. The tatami-inspired design allows for flexibility and freedom in utilizing the space, breaking away from spatial constraints. The window design enhances the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, offering residents a place to rest and enjoy the scenic views, fostering a leisurely lifestyle. The bathroom's perforated design seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor light, creating beautiful light and shadow effects with the changing sunlight, turning the daily ritual of bathing into a delightful and ceremonial experience.

The entire design process is tailored to the homeowners' lifestyle needs and preferences, aiming to create a perfect living environment for them. The close connection between interior space design and architecture aims to establish a perfect and personalized luxury residence where residents can enjoy a happy and beautiful life.

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